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We have worked in partnership with Permaculture Development Network to put together a Permaculture course that reflects the practical learnings and realities of running Haivaandee Farm and also gives a grounding in the theories and practices of Permaculture.

You can look at the current course schedule here:

This course is taught using a blended learning model. This means that there are short informational videos that usually last no more than 10 minutes per session. Then you take part in a variety of practical activities that build on and apply what you have just learned. The aim is to equip participants with practical skills and understanding that they can then apply to their own permaculture projects.


Courses currently cost 3,600 baht per person and this price includes accommodation and three vegan meals per day.

Accommodation depends on availability. If you would like to book a private hut in advance, we currently have one available per course. You would need to book via Airbnb. Click Here to Book: Vegan Permaculture Hut

How to book:

Courses are currently operating as and when requested. We can provide courses for small groups of up to 5 people. The minimum number of participants is 2.

You can also join courses that are already due to take place if there are extra spaces available.

To arrange a course please get in touch and tell us your preferred dates for the course.