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Permaculture Thailand

There are a variety of places to learn about Permaculture in Thailand.

There are Permaculture courses in Thailand that go into details and offer a full Permaculture Design Course. Other places offer an introduction to Permaculture in Thailand.

At Haivaandee Vegan Permaculture Farm the offering is a bit different because there is a focus on trying to keep things as vegan as possible. Also, Pure who runs the farm, has been focused for a long-time on achieving sufficiency.

You can be a Permaculture Volunteer, rent a room in Permaculture Eco Home or take a short introduction to Permaculture Course. Whichever option suits your needs and budget. Whatever approach you decide to take, Haivaandee Vegan Permaculture Farm is a great option for learning about Permaculture in Thailand.

Pure can also teach you about traditional Thai farming practices and how they relate to Permaculture.

Here’s an example of the Permaculture course schedule: